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This powered inductive/passive cradle helps boost the signal received by an external antenna, and keeps your phone fully charged.
Accessories plug has speaker and adjustable volume control
Improve Reception using the built-in Antenna coupler for connection of an External Antenna (not included) Various types are available in our store.
The antenna port is a male FME, please refer to pictures below.
Different mounting options to suit your requirement, see pictures below.
One mounting option is included for Free with this cradle (Default is the suction mount - Option 3.) please let us know your preference.
(Also avialable individually as optional extras)

Option 1: Stick on surface/dash mount.
Option 2: Stick/screw on surface/dash mount.
Option 3: Glass suction 65mm. Bent arm adjustable angle.
Option 4: Glass suction 65mm. Flexible gooseneck. Length approx 270mm.

The cradle cup is specifically moulded for this model phone ensuring it is protected and a secure fit.
Multiband - Next-G/CDMA, GSM 3G & 4G LTE.

We also have cradles for the iPhone 5

NOTE: This cradle works on the inductive/passive principle, same as a number of car kits, where the signal travels from the antenna along the lead into the back of the cradle, it is then transmitted passively into the phone.

Therefore, please be aware depending on your set-up and situation you might see little improvement. This is not the fault of the cradle, it can only pass on what it receives. If you are witnessing only a slight signal gain you should think about upgrading your antenna, or confirm that it is of the correct frequency for your phones network which is the most common mistake, using an existing antenna on a car for example.
Frequencies: (For Australia):
Next-G: 850MHz.
GSM (2G): 900/1800MHz.
3G: 2100MHz.
We have extensively tested this type of passive cradle. Results for country NSW 10km from cell tower. Clear line of sight, with tree obstructions and slight hill:
Using a 5 bar signal scale as a reference. We translated this from the RSSI which is available on most smart phones, i.e. the iPhone is accessed by entering *3001#12345#*
0dB glass mount omni antenna, little improvement 1 to 2 bars.
4dB 300mm omni antenna improved from 1 bar to 2 bars.
5dB 400mm omni antenna, improved from 1 bar to 2 or 3 bars.
7dB 900mm omni antenna, improved from 1 bar to 3 or 4 bars.
9dB 500mm omni antenna, improved from 1 bar to 3 or 4 bars.
9dB Yagi directional antenna, improved from 1 bar to 4 or 5 bars.
15dB Yagi directional antenna, improved from 1 bar to 5 bars constant.

The aerial port is a Male FME, If you are using an existing antenna, the cable should have a plug on it that looks like this:

Please refer to our note above regarding antenna frequencies.

We have adaptors to join different connectors on your existing antenna/car kit, such as SMA, Mini-UHF, N, TNC, BNC etc.

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