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Sanyo model NCMQN02A 'ECO Charger' packaged with 4 x Sanyo HR-3U NiMH batteries (made in Japan). A premium quality charger with top quality batteries at a highly affordable price.

The NiMH rechargeable batteries included with the Eco Charger when used in heavy drain devices such as digital cameras will last about two to three times as long per charge compared to using an alkaline battery, which is then thrown away when dead. Once discharged you can recharge the Sanyo HR3U batteries up to 1000 times which is many more times than the higher capacity (2300, 2500mAh) NiMH batteries which are only good for about 400 recharges, and much less for cheaper brands. This means that if you use alkaline batteries it will result in using about 4000-6000 batteries which will end up in the land fill, instead just four of these batteries when they finally reach end of their life. That's very Eco friendly!

This premium quality, entry level charger from Sanyo, the world's largest manufacturer of portable rechargeable batteries features:

240VAC input via wall mount input plug

Charges 2 or 4 AA or AAA NiCd or NiMH cells 

Timer control

Temperature control/protection 

Alkaline battery protection that automatically prevents charging if non-rechargeable alkaline batteries are accidentally inserted

Short circuited cells detection

Can charge AA cells up to 2500mAh capacity

Includes 4 x Sanyo HR-3U 1700mAh AA NiMH cells

Plugs straight into wall socket, no cumbersome adaptors and leads.

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