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This device does not just unlock your computer or log you in to Windows. It is a powerful security tool that eliminates the need to remember or write down all those passwords!
When passwords just are not cutting it, we all know that there are feasible alternatives. Biometric security is, in one sense, a very prominent solution in this area. The presence of fingerprint readers are slowly being recognized by both commercial and computer enthusiast markets - with the emergence of new products such as UPEKs Digital Privacy Manager.

This Fingerprint Reader protects your computer against unauthorised access. Setting this device is a once only, easy step by step procedure, carried out in a few minutes. Each user has their own log on, or several people can be logged on together. You can encrypt and protect individual folders.

Anywhere you use a password, such as internet banking, login to registered sites etc, the Fingerprint reader will scan your print and log you in automatically in seconds, eliminates the need to write down or remember multiple usernames and passwords. Both of which are easily managed via the Control Centre.

It is a dream to use.


Main features:

  • Fingerprint Swipe Device with USB
  • Plus PC software
  • ORP: $149.95 
  • Warranty: 12 Months - manufacturers.
  • Features:
    • USB fingerprint readers are easy-to-integrate
    • USB peripherals that add the security of biometric authentication and convenience
    • One-touch access to a wide range of applications
    • Including access to PCs and corporate networks, e-commerce, online banking and point-of-sale transactions.
    • ESS USB fingerprint readers by UPEKTM are easy-to-integrate
    • Corporate IT departments can offer all employees an easy-to-use way to authenticate onto networks and applications both in the office and remotely
    • Eliminating the burden of multiple passwords and benefiting enterprises with a stronger level of security and lower help desk costs
    • Features & Benefits Increased security
    • Ensures that only authorized users gain access to PCs, networks, and applications
    • Eliminates threats to password-based authentication such as hacking, phishing, and lax security practices by employees
    • Protects privacy by performing all authentication operations within a secure hardware environment
    • Ease-of-use - Frees PC users from memorizing passwords and grants easy access to digital assets with a simple swipe of the finger
    • USB-compliant and easy-to-install
    • OS WINDOWS 98, ME, 2000, XP, SERVER 2003, VISTA
    • Lowers costs to corporations associated with resetting passwords and reduces productivity loss from employees unable to log onto their systems

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