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A Patch Lead is all you need if you want to connect your modem or mobile phone directly to the cable coming from the antenna on your car, house etc. Plug one end into your phone and screw the other onto the FME connector on the Aerial lead.
This is mainly for the harder to find/unusual leads listed below. Please look at our other items for standard phones and modems.
We also have adaptors to join the FME patch lead to different connectors on your existing antenna such as SMA, Mini-UHF, N, TNC, BNC etc.
HINT: Patch leads usually plug into a small port which can be anywhere on the phone, usually under a rubber plug. They do not generally plug into the charger or Hands Free port.
For the following modems/phones, if you have a newer model please email us to see if your phone can take a patch lead.
We will try to add to this list as newer models are brought to our attention.

Please state the make/model of your phone/modem during checkout or via email.

DO NOT COPY this list, if found on your auction/website you will be reported> HTC: Dual Touch 850, P5500 - Direct Connection - Battery Covers must be removed to use.

HUAWEI: E122, E153, E160, E160E, E160G, E161G, E169, E173, E176, E583c, E618, E620, E800, E880, E1762, E1820, E3735, K3520, K4505, K4511

iBurst: Laptop Modem PCMCIA Card

LG: A190, GT540 (Swift, Optimus), KE770 (Cable Plugs in Under Battery Cover), KE850 PRADA, KE970 (Cable Plugs in Under Battery Cover), KG225, KG245, TG300,

MAXON: Minimax, BP3-USB / Turbo Modem


NOVATEL WIRELESS: Merlin U360, U740, XU870

OPTION: GE0202 34mm / GT Express, Globesurfer II, GT 3G Quad, GX0202 / GT Max Card

OPTUS: Option GT 3G Quad

PALM ONE: Treo 650, 680, 750


SAMSUNG: B5310 Corby Pro, B7320 Omnia Pro, Brooklyn (Genio Slide), C3050, C5010, GT-i5503T, i5500 (Plugs in Under Battery Cover), i5503 Galaxy 5, i5510 Galaxy (551)(Plugs in Under Battery Cover), i9000 Galaxy S, Galaxy S2 (i9100) S2 4G (i9210T) , Galaxy S3 (i9300), i9020, i9023, Galaxy Ace (S5830), Mini (S5570 - Plugs in Under Battery Cover), Monte (S5620), Nexus S (Plugs in Under Battery Cover), Star WiFi (S5233) S6700/T, S8000, S8003 (Jet Jet2), S8300, S8300T, S8300V, SGH-M300, SGH-N620, SGH-U900/T

SIERRA WIRELESS: AirCard 250u, 310u, 312u, 313u, AC320U, 501, 502, 503, 580, AC753s, AC760S, 875, 880u, Compass LL195, 597, 885, 888, 889, Turbo 7 Express Card AC880E/AC880E+, USB301, USB302, USB306, USB308, USB309, USB312U, USB598, Ultimate Aircard 753s, USB 4G, USB598

TELSTRA (also refer to ZTE below): 250U, 310U, AC313U, AC320U, AC753s, AC760S, Compass LL195, Elite MF60, MF91 WiFi 4G, Elite MF668a, Easycall 3, MF821, GX0202, GE0202 34mm, GT Express, GE0202 34mm, GT MAX CARD, Kyocera KPC650 (EVDO), Maxon BP3-USB TURBO MODEM, MM-5500C MaxCard, MAXON MINIMAX, MF70, MF332, MF626, MF626i, MF633+, MF633BP+, MF636BP+, MF668, MF688, MF821, Mobile Wi-fi 4G, Sierra AirCard 250U, 310u, 312u Ultimate, 313u, 320u, 501, 502, 503, 580, 753s, 875, 885, 760 Smart Touch 2, Pulse T790, T95, T303, T930 Bubble Touch, T3020 Smart Touch, Turbo 7 Express Card AC880E/AC880E+, Turbo 7+ USB AC880U, USB301, USB302, USB305, USB306 Elite, USB308 Elite, USB309 Elite, USB310, USB - 4G, 250U, 313U, 320U, 598, , WiFi 4G Advanced

THREE 3: Merlin U360, U740, XU870

UNWIRED: Ethernet Modem, PCMCIA Card, USB Modem

VIRGIN: E169, Option Globesurfer II, Huawei E160E, E1762

VODAFONE: 3G Huawei E169, E618, E620, 3G Merlin U360, U630, UE618

ZTE: Elite MF668A, MF626i, MF633BP+, MF636BP+, MF636, MF668, MF60, MF70, MF91, MF821, T55 Tough 3, T81 Frontier 4G, T82 Easytouch 4G, T95, T108, T116a Roamer, T203 Easy Call, T303, T760 Smart Touch 2, T790, T930, T3020 Smart Touch, USB 4G (MF821)


Information on fitting Patch Leads.
Please note some models are a tight fit initially. Press firmly into the phone making sure to keep the plug square to the phone, try not to wiggle from side to side. The plug and phone socket are very fragile.
If required put a drop of penetrating oil, such as WD40, onto the plug end only and shake off any excess.

Due to the fragile nature of antenna ports, we cannot take responsibility for any damage caused. If your model's port is under the battery cover (doubles as a testing and antenna port) and does not have a dedicated external port, use caution, we have read reports of these causing antenna switching issues or similar. Do your research with the manufacturer, online forums are a good source of information.

Please ignore the model numbers printed on the label if yours is not mentioned, most leads fit a variety of phones and not all are included on the tag.

Pictures for illustration Only. Product might differ slightly

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