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A Patch Lead is all you need if you want to connect your modem or mobile phone directly to the cable coming from the Mobile Phone Antenna on your car, house etc.
A lot of newer phones and modems no longer have plug in ports for aerial leads.
The only option is to use a passive lead such as this one.
Small and versatile, approximate measurements: 30mm x 18mm x 4mm. With 50cm cable.
We have a larger De-Luxe version in our store, measures approx: 40mm x 35mm x 3mm and held on with a Velcro strap & fits a wider variety of devices

They work on the principle of passive induction whereby the signal from an external antenna is relayed via the cable to the pad on the end if this patch lead.
When fixed to your device next to the internal antenna, with the velcro patch (Pictured), it simply transmits the signal through the case to the internal antenna.
The location of internal antennas varies, a good source of information to find yours is via online forums etc.
The larger the aerial i.e. more dB gain , the stronger the signal. The ideal set up would be a directional Yagi mounted on a pole ouitside your house.
Though we have had good results from a 5dB magnetic antenna, on most devices, not all.

We also have adaptors to join patch leads to different connectors on your existing antenna such as FME, Mini-UHF, N, TNC, BNC etc. Please look in our Store.

For the modems/phones listed below, though this patch is universal.
If you have a newer model please email us to see if your device can take a patch lead.
HINT: Patch leads usually plug into a small port which can be anywhere on the modem/phone, usually under a rubber plug.
They do not generally plug into the charger or Hands Free port.

We have auctions running for plug-in Patch leads with FME or SMA antenna cable connectors.
If your model is not listed below please look in our store.
Please look at the Q&As at the bottom of the page, someone may have already enquired about your model.
We will add to the list below as new models are brought to our attention.

This list is just an example of some of the devices the lead will work with:

HUAWEI: E169G E180 E220 E1553 E1756 E1803 E5832 K3715 K3805

LG: F2100 M4410

Motorola: E380

Nokia: 2125 2280 6234 6670 7610

Sagem: VS3

Seimens: A52 A55

Sony Ericsson: W200i

Plus other mobile phones, modems and handheld devices.


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