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A Patch Lead is all you need if you want to connect your mobile phone directly to the cable coming from the Mobile Phone Antenna on your car, house etc. Plug one end into your phone and screw the other onto the FME connector on the Aerial lead.
We also have adaptors to join the FME patch lead to different connectors on your existing antenna such as SMA, Mini-UHF, N, TNC, BNC etc
For the following phones, if you have a newer model please email us to see if your phone can take a patch lead.

HINT: Patch leads usually plug into a small port which can be anywhere on the phone, usually under a rubber plug. They do not generally plug into the charger or Hands Free port
CAUTION: Due to the fragile nature of antenna ports, we cannot take responsibility for any damage caused.
If your model's port is under the battery cover (doubles as a testing and antenna port) and does not have a dedicated external port, use caution, we have read reports of these causing antenna switching issues or similar. Do your research with the manufacturer, online forums are a good source of information.

Please ignore the model numbers printed on the label if yours is not mentioned, most leads fit a variety of phones and not all are included on the tag.
Check our other listings for Patch leads for other models which are less common. You can also enter your model number in the search box at the top or left of the page.  If your model is not listed please contact us.
Please state the make/model of your phone/modem during checkout or via email.

DONT COPY THIS LIST! If found on your auction/website, you will be reported> ALCATEL: One Touch - 300 301 302 303 311 320, Easy, Max, Pocket, View



BenQ M315

BLACKBERRY: 8110, 8800

BOOST D615 Platinum Game

BOSCH: 509

DOPOD: 838 PRO, D810

ERICSSON & SONY ERICSSON: 218 318 337 388 398 768 788 788e, A1018s, A1228c, A2618s, A3618, F500i, GA628, GC75 CARD, GH688, R320s, R600, S868, SH888, I888, T10s, T18,s T20e, T20s, T28s T29 T39 T60c T68 T68i F500i GC75 J200i J210i K500i K508i K550i K600i K608i K610i K700i K750i K800i K810i M600i P1i S700i T100i T105i T200i T610i T630i V600i V800i W610i W800i W810i W910i W950i Z320i Z600i Z750i

HP: hw6515

HTC: Dopod 838 Pro, P3600i, P3650 Cruise, TyTN II (TyTN2), Dual Touch 850, Touch Diamond*

HUAWEI: E800 - Look in our store for other Huawei Patch Leads.

HYUNDAI: 120E, 300E, 310E, 610E, TX-21B, TX-60B, TX-95C

iBurst: Laptop Modem PCMCIA Card, UTC1900D-AU-C PCMCIA Card

I-MATE: JAM, JAMin, JASJAM, JASJAR, K-Jam, PDA-N, PDA2K-EVDO, Pocket PC, Smartphone, Smartphone 2, SP3i, SP5

KYOCERA: Aktiv, K112, KE-414C Phantom, KOI 1135, 2035, 2135, 2235, 3035, 3245 KPC650, KX-440, KX-1 SoHo, KX5, KX-160 Xcursion, KX-2 KOI SE47 (Slider), QCP-1135 CDMA

LG: 5300 5400 300W 800W B2000 B2100 C1100 C3300 C3310 DM-120 DM-150 DM-510 F2100 F2300 G1600 G7020 HD4000 HD5330 HD6000 HD7130 KF390* KF700 KF750* KG220 KG270 KG800 Chocolate, KG810, KU830, KU970 SHINE, L342i L1100 LG4000 LG5400 LG5300 LG5400 M4410 M6100* 330W 800W TD5130 TB4000 TD4000 TD5130 TD6000 TD6100 TD7130 TU500 TU515* TU550 TU575* TU720* U8110 U8120 U8138-3G U8180 U8210 U8330

MAXON: BP3-EXT (SMA - FME ADAPTOR), BP3-USB/Turbo Modem, Modmax (SMA - FME ADAPTOR) More models in our store.

MITSUBISHI: Astral, Mars

MOTOROLA: A6188, A840, Atrix, C115, C116, C117, C118, C131, C350, C550, C975, CD920, CD928, CD938, E360, E365, E378i, E380, E398, KRZR K1, KRZR K3, L Series, L2, L6, L2000, MB525 (Defy), MB526 (Defy+) MB860, P7389i, P7689, Q9, Qq9, Q9H, ROKR E1, SC3160 Startac ST7760 Startac 70 / 80 / 85 / 90 / 100 Startac X T180 T300 Angel Talkabout, T190, T191, T192, T720, T720i, T730, U6 PEBL, V171, V1050, V2088, V2288, T2288, V2688, T2688, V3 RAZR, V3xx RAZR- Telstra ONLY, V300, V3688, V8088, V525, V535, V550, V555, V6 Maxx, V60, V600, V620, V635, V8 Razr2, V810, V9 Razr2, V975, W220, W375, Z3 RIZR, Z6 ROKR

NEC: N600i

GA: CHECK FROM HERE NOKIA INCLUSIVE:> NOKIA: 2010 2012 HD745 NHE3DA 2100 NAM-2 2110 2110E NHE-1NX NHE4NX 2112 2118 2125 2280 2300 2310 2600 2630 2650 2760 3100 3105 3109 (classic) 3110 3810 3120(old model, Passive type) 3200 3205 3210 3220 3250 3310 3315 3330 3350 3510 3530 5070 5110 5110e 5300 5500 5700 6020 6021 6030 6070 6085 6100 6101 6103 6110(old) 6120 classic*, 6121 6151 6210 6220 6225 6230 6234 6235 6250 6255 6267 6280 6288 6310 6310i 6385 6500 6510 6610 6610i 6670 7110 7210 7250 7250i 7260 7360 7610 8110 8110i 8210 8250 8310 9210 E50* E51* E65* E70* N73* N81* N82*

O2: XDA, XDA II, XDA IIi, XDA II mini, XDA IIs, Xphone, Xphone IIm, Xphone2

OPTION: Please look in our store.

OPTUS: Please look in our store.

PALM ONE: Treo 500v, Please look in our store for other models.


PHILIPS: Savvy PR747

QTEK: 1010 2020 7070 8060 8080 9090 S100


SAGEM: 912 918 920 926 930 932 939 940 950 MY-X2 MY-X5 MY-X6 MY-X7 MY-400c, MY-400v, MY-500c*, MY-501c*, MYV-76, MYX-2, MYX-5, MYX-6, MYX-7, SG343i, VS-3

SAMSUNG: C5220, SCH-411 SCH-620 SCH-A212 SCH-A561 SCH-A601 SCH-N105 SCH-N171 SCH-N181 SCH-N361 SGH-2400 SGH-600 SGH-A411 SGH-A412 SGH-A300 SGH-A401 SGH-A411 SGH-A412 SGH-A501 SGH-A551 SGH-A701 SGH-A711 SGH-A801 SGH-A811 SGH-A821 SGH-B310 SGH-C170 SGH-C520 SGH-C5220 SGH-D410 SGH-D520 SGH-D900 SGH-E700 SGH-I320 SGH-M300 SGH-N620 SGH-P310 SGH-P510 SGH-R220 SGH-T100 SGH-T400 SGH-X100 SGH-X460 SGH-Z140 SGH-Z150


SHARP: GX-10 GX-10i GX-17 GX-25 GX-30

SIEMENS: A52 A55 A65 C25 C35 C45 C55 S55 M55 C65 CV65 CX65 CXV65 M35 S35 M65 ME45 S45 S55 SL42 SL45

TELSTRA: (Also refer to ZTE below) DAVE T83, E353T, E5372 T, E8278, F150 F151 F152 F153 F156 F850 F851F852 F858 (Easytouch), Frontier 4G, MF823, Netcomm Ultimate Gateway 3G42WT, Sierra AirCard 580, Sierra Aircard 875, T4 Easy Discovery, T6, T7 Easy Touch Discovery, T28, T54 Tough 2 & 3, T55, T81, T83, T90, T96, T100, T106, T165 + Explorer

UNWIRED: Ethernet Modem, PCMCIA Card, USB Modem.

VIRGIN: Option Globesurfer II.

VODAFONE: 3G Huawei E800.

ZTE: F150 F151 F152 F153 F156 F158 F159 F165 F252 F256 F850 F851 F852 F858, Discovery 2, EASYTOUCH, MF332 Turbo Card, T2, T4, T6, T7, T28, T54, T55, T81, T83, T90, T96, T100, T106, T165+ Explorer, T165i

* Passive type (Not plug-in)

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