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We offer a fast iPhone repair service. Specialising in replacement of cracked/scratched screens, inoperative buttons, speakers, camera etc. Also Battery replacement, water damage diagnosis and repairs.
Currently repairing all the iPhone models, but will be discontinuing the 3 and 3GS models when our stock runs down.

Simply send us an email with an outline of the problem, we acknowledge and give you a job number and additional details. If your phone is still operational, do a back up prior to sending to us. Properly protect it with bubblewrap/cardboard. We take great care to protect your data and hardware, however we cannot take responsibility for any lost data during repair.
Please remove any passcode locks so we can test the phone.

We will acknowledge receipt of your phone, test and report back to you with our findings within 24hrs.
We will give you an outline of what is required and an estimate on cost.
If acceptable to you we will proceed with repair and send the phone back to you asap via insured post with online tracking. If not acceptable or unrepairable, we will invoice you just for the return postage, $10, and return the phone to you.
Or you can pay via this page which will speed up the process and also give us your details.
Our details are available on the contact page and will also be sent to you shortly via email.
We also buy unrepairable iPhones for spare parts, if acceptable to you we will offer to buy the phone from you.
The above $10 postage will be taken into consideration/refunded.

Tips for water damaged phones:
Do Not attempt to re-charge.
If freshwater - shake off any excess water, try to remove as much as possible from the charge port and the headphone port.
Wrap up in a bag with rice, at least a cup full, and send to us as soon as possible.
Saltwater - is a phones worst enemy, just salt spray can ruin a phone. Again shake off excess. Make sure the phone is non responsive/switched off. Wash the phone under a freshwater tap, rinsing out the two ports mentioned. About 30 seconds should be sufficient. Goes against your instinct, be brave! It is the best thing you can do with saltwater. Corrosion starts almost immediately, and can make a phone unrepairable within days. Send to us straight away via Express Post if possible.

Water damaged phones nearly always need to have the LCD and battery replaced.

If you have any questions or need clarification on this service please contact us here: service@cellit.com.au

An outline of approximate costs is below. Includes return postage with online tracking.

Front Touch screen:
iPhone 3G/GS: $65.00
iPhone 4/S: $95.00
iPhone 5: $125.00

Front Touch screen & LCD:
iPhone 3G/GS: $85.00
iPhone 4/S: $125.00
iPhone 5: $175.00

Back cover:
iPhone 3G/GS $55.00
iPhone 4/S $40.00
iPhone 5: $45.00

Battery replacement:
iPhone 3G/GS: $50.00
iPhone 4/S: $55.00
iPhone 5: $60.00

Miscellaneous repairs:
iPhone 3G/GS: Headphone socket, on/off, mute and volume buttons are all on the same flex cable: $60.00
iPhone 4/S: on/off, mute and volume buttons: $60.00
iPhone 5/S: on/off, mute and volume buttons: $75.00
iPhone 4/S: Headphone socket, charging port: $65.00
iPhone 5/S: Headphone socket, charging port: $75.00

iPhone 3G/GS Camera: $35.00
iPhone 4/S Camera - each: $50.00
iPhone 5 Camera - each: $60.00

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